A Quickie…

Sequoia Houston

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a guy I met at the airport. He, somewhat laughing at the idea that I was so fervent in my commitment to my career in acting, asked “So, when do you think you’ll say…this is it, I’m done?” I answered “when I kick the bucket,” which he seemed to find even more amusing.

He wished me “luck” and expressed his “sympathy” for me, acting being such a hard field to break into and all…..I explained that it’s not hard to act. Getting/creating work as an actor and doing what you love, in and of itself, is not hard. Becoming a “superstar” or “celebrity” is what’s hard/fleeting/mythical/magical. I, like anyone in any field, would love to be recognized for my work, but for me, it’s all about the work. It’s all about doing what I love….and if I can support myself doing what I love, that’s heaven.

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