A special Valentine’s Day Poem, from me to you.

Sequoia Houston

I haven’t put the pen to the paper in quite a while, so I’m really excited about this poem. I’m hoping I’ll have more soon…and as I do, they’ll be posted here for you to enjoy. This doesn’t necessary reflect my true views of Valentine’s Day (though you should know that I really don’t like it), but I’m a writer, and I must write what the people want. So without further ado, my much anticipated poem “Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day

By: Sequoia Houston, February 9, 2009

© 2009

Why do you mock me so fiercely?

You should know that I hate you.

The cherub’s bright smile shows no sympathy

For the loveless’ gnarled and naked truth.

Your red and white paint, mere reminders

Of the rebuke and scorn of love’s tattered heart

Lying dangerously, shamelessly, painfully on the floor.

Even, perchance, if Cupid’s arrow

Does happen to land near me,

I am only able to enjoy the leftovers

From the clouded, disheveled debris.

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