by Sequoia | Feb 19.2012

A Higher Standard

This past weekend, upon leaving rehearsal for a play, I got into a little altercation with one of my cast mates. I asked him, what to me was, a VERY simple question, and he

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by Sequoia | Feb 10.2010

Great Theater Review for Performance in 2010 Teco New Plays Festival!

Well if this wasn’t a great way to start the day! I received an e-mail from the writer/director of my current show “The Cosbys: The Lost episode” explaining that we’d gotten a good review:

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by Sequoia | Feb 01.2010

Don’t You Want to Be Free

I’m so excited and honored to have been a part of the inaugural production of Soul Children’s Theatre’s “Don’t You Want to be Free” by Langston Hughes. This was one of my favorite shows

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by Sequoia | Aug 01.2009

Fire from Below Trailer

Fire from Below will debut on Sci in September 2009! Please view the trailer so you can see what you’re in for :). Enjoy, Seq

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by Sequoia | Feb 20.2009

Help me pick my pics!

On Valentine’s Day I wasn’t out eating at some lavish restaurant with my “valentine.” I was working…and luckily doing what I love. I had an amazing photo shoot with the wonderful photographer Bryan Chatlien. He took a

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by Sequoia | Dec 21.2008

The Black Nativity- It’s a WRAP!!!

I’m not just saying this because I was a member of the cast, but if you missed The Black Nativity on December 20th or December 21st, you missed quite a show. It was a

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