by Sequoia | Nov 02.2010

Listen Like Me

Listen like me By S. Houston, 11-2-10   I’ve seen the stares of a million pairs of eyes, trying hard to realize why they call our president “nigger.” I’ve seen the tears and heard

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by Sequoia | May 11.2010

The Promise

God has a definite and divine plan for us all. We often have trouble understanding his plan because it doesn’t look like our plan. Have you ever prayed for something and given up on

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by Sequoia | Apr 27.2010

Lessons Learned

I think life has an interesting way of throwing curve balls. Just when you think everything is going just the way you want, everything sort of falls apart……and out of the ashes comes what you

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by Sequoia | Apr 07.2010

I Want to be an Astronaut

I want to be an astronaut…and a mathematician…and a psychiatrist and medical doctor. I want to be an undercover agent for a super-secret government agency. I want to be the CEO of an amazingly

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by Sequoia | Mar 23.2010

As the Tree Grows

I chose to call my blog “As the Tree Grows” because….well, I’m named after a tree and each day presents new experiences and new opportunities for me to grow.

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by Sequoia | Feb 10.2010

Great Theater Review for Performance in 2010 Teco New Plays Festival!

Well if this wasn’t a great way to start the day! I received an e-mail from the writer/director of my current show “The Cosbys: The Lost episode” explaining that we’d gotten a good review:

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