This has been a great week. Truly. Image
by Sequoia | Sep 21.2016

This has been a great week. Truly.

Outside of acting, I have never….not ever….not even once…had a job that I genuinely liked. Don’t get me wrong – I tried to like my past jobs. The first few days…months, if I was lucky….would

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by Sequoia | Sep 12.2016

What’s In Your Life’s Blueprint?

I came across the video below a couple of days ago and was immensely inspired by it. Sometimes we can get so caught up in life’s daily crazy that we take our eyes off

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Oh Snap! Image
by Sequoia | Sep 08.2016

Oh Snap!

I love living in Los Angeles. There’s ALWAYS something fun (and often free) to do. The only problem is when you live here, you’re usually so busy trying to get by that you often

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Love Trials: The Blockbuster Chronicles Image
by Sequoia | Sep 04.2016

Love Trials: The Blockbuster Chronicles

I was surfing the interwebs today when I ran across a meme that Ludacris shared about Blockbuster (below).     I was quickly swept away by my fond memories of weekend nights spent there, finding

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by Sequoia | Aug 01.2016
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by Sequoia | Jun 13.2016

Sequoia signs with commercial talent agent Carrie Macy!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed with Carrie Macy Talent. Carrie and I have worked together previously and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work together again. For commercial or print

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