9. Find a charitable organization and volunteer at least once a month Image
by Sequoia | Sep 19.2013

9. Find a charitable organization and volunteer at least once a month

It’s official! I’m a Big Sister (to-be) with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I’ve worked with this organization before and it such an amazing experience. I’m waiting to get matched with my Little

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13. Try Pink’s Hot Dogs Image
by Sequoia | Aug 18.2013

13. Try Pink’s Hot Dogs

One down, twenty-nine to go!  The first item I marked off my list was # 13, “Try Pink’s Hotdogs.” Every since I moved to Los Angeles I’d notice a super long line wrapped around

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My “30 Things” Challenge Image
by Sequoia | Aug 09.2013

My “30 Things” Challenge

So, I turn 21 (again) next year and I figured I’d create a fun way to celebrate this milestone by creating a bucket list of   sorts….Each item on the list is either something that

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I Was Told… Image
by Sequoia | Jul 16.2013

I Was Told…

I was told that “race was not an issue in the George Zimmerman case and that this was just an attempt by the media to divide the races.” I was told that I could

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by Sequoia | Apr 25.2013

A Quickie…

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a guy I met at the airport. He, somewhat laughing at the idea that I was so fervent in my commitment to my career in acting,

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by Sequoia | Apr 19.2013

Lessons from LA

People think they’re ready for LA but they have NO idea. Moving here is a culture shock. Before moving I loved being attached to a project at any capacity because it was another opportunity

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