by Sequoia | Mar 27.2013

Congrats to Michael Matteo Rossi for his edgy drama feature, “Misogynist” being greenlit!

Last month I had the honor of having my film “What Things May Come” screen at the Valjean Film Festival. We didn’t win the festival, but we did meet a ton of really great

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by Sequoia | Dec 04.2012

Think Like A….Parent?

Many women ascribe to the belief that long gone are the times when men were men, like our daddies and grandfathers. I don’t believe this is true. I’m no relationship expert, nor do I

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by Sequoia | Nov 26.2012


I recently participated in an interesting discussion with a fellow actress in which she asked a popular casting director we both admire, “What makes you cast someone?” Her question was based on the fact

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You just never know… Image
by Sequoia | Oct 15.2012

You just never know…

I’m not sure if many of you know this but…I’m not independently wealthy. In fact, I’m currently accepting applications for a wealthy benefactor with “Great Expectations” for me to live well, without the stress

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by Sequoia | Jul 25.2012

Notes on a Scandal

Last night while in acting class, I couldn’t help but compare myself to one of the actresses. I’m sure she thought she was pretty good but all I could think of was how much

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Sequoia Does Hollywood! Image
by Sequoia | Jun 30.2012

Sequoia Does Hollywood!

Many of you may already know, but in September 2011 I made a big leap towards fulfilling my destiny. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career in entertainment…and have not regretted a

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