by Sequoia | Sep 12.2011

What a day, what a day

Today was a roller coaster ride. My mom woke me up early and we went out running errands and having a fun “girl’s day out.” We had a blast. We found ourselves at this

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by Sequoia | Sep 08.2011

I’m so excited!

So, I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps, but the closer I get to “M” day, the more excited I get. I’m moving to Los Angeles! Finally taking God up on his offer

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by Sequoia | Jul 20.2011

Sur-Ryl Entertainment Writer’s Lab

Hey fellow writers! Let’s try something new… The Rules: I’ll give you the premise. Each of us will write a short film/play (poems, songs and other pieces are fine as well) not to exceed

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by Sequoia | Jul 11.2011

What’s on your list?

The list. Oh, you’ve heard of it. All of the traits that you want your mate to have. The things that you are believing in God to provide because, ask and ye shall receive,

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by Sequoia | Feb 02.2011

The Chase…Practical Advice for Women

It’s amazing how sometimes a simple statement can hit you in such a way that it becomes profound…as if there’s some special secret shared between you and your consciousness…that happened to me today. While

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by Sequoia | Jan 19.2011

Updating my blog. New year, new me!

Happy New Year! Since it’s a new year I decided I’d start afresh with my blog. My plan is to provide new, fresh content at least once a week. I decided to migrate my posts

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