My college/student loan rant Image
by Sequoia | Jun 02.2012

My college/student loan rant

Let me first say, that as a college professor, MBA and BA degree holder, I definitely believe in education. I think learning should be a life-long process and congratulate people who are able to

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What Things May Come Image
by Sequoia | May 28.2012

What Things May Come

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I introduced What Things May Come to the “world” at my mom’s surprise engagement party! What a year it has been. We’ve been highly regarded in

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by Sequoia | May 27.2012

Just finished transitioning posts from m

Just finished transitioning posts from my old blog to my new blog! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my random musings 🙂

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Walking towards your destiny and Torn: The Willie Lynch Letter Image
by Sequoia | Feb 25.2012

Walking towards your destiny and Torn: The Willie Lynch Letter

I adore film (and I’m looking forward to doing television!) however there is nothing like being on stage. I’m currently in a play called Torn: The Willie Lynch Letter. It’s a fantastic show by

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by Sequoia | Feb 19.2012

A Higher Standard

This past weekend, upon leaving rehearsal for a play, I got into a little altercation with one of my cast mates. I asked him, what to me was, a VERY simple question, and he

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by Sequoia | Jan 30.2012

The bird’s the word…

I have always been enthralled by nature. Maybe it comes from being named after a tree, but I believe it is through nature that God has taught me some of my greatest lessons. For

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