New Year, New Headshots! Image
by Sequoia | Feb 18.2017

New Year, New Headshots!

I’ve always had the worst luck with my headshots. I’d get shots that were really pretty and that would be perfect for my mom’s mantle but never really moved the needle for my acting

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We Are Magicians Image
by Sequoia | Dec 17.2016

We Are Magicians

  As I was perusing Facebook, I ran across this phenomenal video that one of my actress friends shared.  I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Thompson’s perspective and thought she offered great advice. It didn’t feel

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by Sequoia | Dec 14.2016

Meet Etta Mae Pearl

While their preferences can vary across a wide spectrum, “make sure you look like your headshot” is probably the most consistent piece of advice you’ll hear from casting directors. And it makes sense, right?

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by Sequoia | Sep 24.2016
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This has been a great week. Truly. Image
by Sequoia | Sep 21.2016

This has been a great week. Truly.

Outside of acting, I have never….not ever….not even once…had a job that I genuinely liked. Don’t get me wrong – I tried to like my past jobs. The first few days…months, if I was lucky….would

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Love Trials: The Blockbuster Chronicles Image
by Sequoia | Sep 04.2016

Love Trials: The Blockbuster Chronicles

I was surfing the interwebs today when I ran across a meme that Ludacris shared about Blockbuster (below).     I was quickly swept away by my fond memories of weekend nights spent there, finding

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