Meet Etta Mae Pearl

Sequoia Houston

While their preferences can vary across a wide spectrum, “make sure you look like your headshot” is probably the most consistent piece of advice you’ll hear from casting directors. And it makes sense, right? They want to know who they’re calling into their office. They – and the producers – have a vision of what the character looks like and if they called you in from your headshot, it’s because they think you might fit that vision…..When you don’t look like your headshot, however, it’s not only jarring, but it’s awkward, inconvenient and simply wastes everyone’s time.

My hair is straight (pressed) on all of my headshots so imagine the pressure I feel when I’m rocking my afro and get a call that I have an audition the next day…The last thing I want to do is walk in a room looking like someone other than the girl in my pictures. As an actress who has natural hair….and switches from a “wannabe to a jigaboo ” on any given day, I felt like I’d finally had a breakthrough when my dear friend, Nicole J. Butler, suggested that I try wigs. Not only would it be less stressful on my hair (and me), it would give me a wide variety of looks that I can use for my future headshots.

So far I have 3 new wigs, “Etta Mae Pearl”, “Gigi” and “Sistah.” I decided to share my experience with my “homegirls” on my Youtube channel. Here’s my journey. Likta see it, here it go 😉

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