by Sequoia | Apr 28.2015

The Unheard

“Riot is the language of unheard.” What else can you expect from people who see their fathers, sons, brothers and even sisters and mothers brutalized, often without recourse or consequence? For those who mention

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by Sequoia | Feb 09.2015

Wanna be starting somethin…

Henry David Thoreau said, “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Would the same thing not apply to acting?

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Starting from Scratch – Part 3 Image
by Sequoia | Nov 30.2014

Starting from Scratch – Part 3

Postproduction So yea…this year was HARD, but when I look at where I am now in comparison to where I was a year ago, I feel like a caterpillar that has just busted out

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Starting from Scratch – Part 2 Image
by Sequoia | Nov 30.2014

Starting from Scratch – Part 2

Production After my grandmother passed, I came back to Los Angeles and my faith was definitely tested. As excited as I was about having the flexibility to be available for auditions, they were scarce.

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by Sequoia | Apr 24.2014

Along This Journey

You will meet many different people along this journey called life. With some you will develop wonderful friendships. Some you will bump into here and there, without much thought in between. Some you will

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by Sequoia | Jan 24.2014

The Power of Relationships (and God!)

Wednesday started out like any other day. The alarm clock went off and I drug my groggy body out of the bed to get ready for my cushy, safe, “real job” as a marketing

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