Great Theater Review for Performance in 2010 Teco New Plays Festival!

Sequoia Houston

Well if this wasn’t a great way to start the day! I received an e-mail from the writer/director of my current show “The Cosbys: The Lost episode” explaining that we’d gotten a good review:

Very funny characterizations and efficient, fast-paced, believable blocking in Buster Spiller’s self-directed The Cosby’s: The Lost Episode elicit the most audience response of the evening. JuNene K. as Clair Huxtable is the hilarious stand-out of the entire performance with her multi-layered repeated delivery of the line, “Mama gonna tear that ass up.” Who knew that line could be so funny, said so many ways? Spiller’s solid cast includes Aron Watson, J.R.Bradford and Sequoia Houston.

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