The Promise

Sequoia Houston

God has a definite and divine plan for us all. We often have trouble understanding his plan because it doesn’t look like our plan. Have you ever prayed for something and given up on it because when God didn’t move at your pace you talked yourself into believing it wasn’t “God’s will?”
So many times we ask God for the desires of our hearts but move on to something else because we thought he didn’t hear our prayers. God may not answer your prayers in the way you expected or even in the way/time you wanted, be he’ll always answer.

So often we fail to recognize that what we’re going though may not be a curse, but a preparation for what we ourselves have told God that we wanted. God is a master chef. He works with only the best ingredients and takes his time so that the end result is pure perfection. He is not a God who deals in microwave time.

Too often God is trying to give us direction but we can’t see him for the tears in our eyes. We can’t hear him for the complaints in our mouth and we can’t focus on him for the fear in our hearts and minds. Always remember that God has not given you a spirit of fear. He has given you power over your situation, over your enemies and over yourself.

Step out of your own way. Dry your tears. Tell the guests of your pity party that they don’t have to go home, but they have to get out of here. Stop talking. Stop complaining. Stop trying to figure things out. Just listen. Pay attention.

God promised that he will never leave nor forsake you. He promised that his plans for you are for you to prosper and have abundant life. Do you believe this? It’s a yes or no question. There is no room for “buts” “ifs” or qualifiers. Faith without work is dead, yes, but perhaps the work you should focus on is building your faith by learning to sit still and rely on God.

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