New Year, New Headshots! Image
by Sequoia | Feb 18.2017

New Year, New Headshots!

I’ve always had the worst luck with my headshots. I’d get shots that were really pretty and that would be perfect for my mom’s mantle but never really moved the needle for my acting

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We Are Magicians Image
by Sequoia | Dec 17.2016

We Are Magicians

  As I was perusing Facebook, I ran across this phenomenal video that one of my actress friends shared.  I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Thompson’s perspective and thought she offered great advice. It didn’t feel

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by Sequoia | Dec 14.2016

Meet Etta Mae Pearl

While their preferences can vary across a wide spectrum, “make sure you look like your headshot” is probably the most consistent piece of advice you’ll hear from casting directors. And it makes sense, right?

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by Sequoia | Dec 10.2016

Baby, Its Cold Outside

When you’re a musical theatre kid and you didn’t get to do a show this year so you take matters into your own hands #3minutemusicals lol. This is the first time in at least

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Sequoia signs with Eileen O’Farrell Talent Management! Image
by Sequoia | Dec 06.2016

Sequoia signs with Eileen O’Farrell Talent Management!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed with Eileen O’Farrell Talent Management. Eileen and I have had the opportunity to get to know each other online over the last few years. I’ve seen firsthand how

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by Sequoia | Sep 24.2016
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