Which one would you post?

With the self-tape audition being a much bigger part of the #audition process these days, one tricky thing that #actors deal with is trying to figure out which take to submit.

Sometimes you luck up and get to submit multiple takes to #casting, but even then you have to figure out the order to put them in. 🤔

My (non exhaustive) recommendations:

1.) There will naturally be 1 or 2 takes that just “feel” better than the others. Go with your gut on this. 🥰

Tip: Sometimes it helps to walk away and do something else to get your mind off of the audition for a bit and then revisit your options.

2.) Sides give you far less info than you’d get with the full #script, but nonetheless, it’s your job to do all the sleuthing you can to figure out what casting directors, #directors and #producers are looking for based on what they’ve given you. Go back and re-read the breakdown and sides again. Then watch your takes again. Is there one that feels like it aligns better with what they’ve shared? Use that one. 🧐

Tip: Create your own backstory for the #character to fill in gaps. Your story might be COMPLETELY different from the real one, but it’ll give you enough information to make real, strong character choices instead of looking like you’re just reciting lines.

3.) For those of us who have a talent manager and/or talent agent, loop them into the process (as early as possible). Getting their feedback on which take to submit can be invaluable. 💕

Tip: They’re human and you’re likely not their only client or priority. Be mindful of that and give them enough time to actually watch and give you feedback.

4.) Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. Self tapes don’t have to be this big, scary monster. You get to act today. Isn’t that exciting? Keep that same energy. 🥳

I get lots of questions from actor friends who are just getting into the field so figured I’d share my thoughts. Hope this helps. Now let’s get out here and book some work!

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