13. Try Pink’s Hot Dogs


One down, twenty-nine to go! 


The first item I marked off my list was # 13, “Try Pink’s Hotdogs.”

Every since I moved to Los Angeles I’d notice a super long line wrapped around the corner at La Brea and Melrose. These people were waiting patiently to get their hands on the top dog in town. I’d always wondered if it were worth the hype or if people were only visiting because of the “celebrity” that this particular hot dog stand had garnered……Well, here are my thoughts:

I’m glad that I went. That said, I don’t ever need to go again. It was a good hot dog, but so are the ones at Sonic….or even the ones at back yard bar-b-ques thrown by friends. We got through the line and found a table in just under 30 minutes, so it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected. At nearly twenty dollars for two people, I think that the price for what I got was a bit exorbitant…you’re definitely paying for the experience.


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