A Reminder to Be Kind to Yourself!

Sequoia Houston

I’m a gemini, which in a nutshell means I’m either really happy….or really beating myself up. This is exacerbated by the fact that I’m also an actor and things don’t always go the way I want. I’m extremely hard on myself and not always as encouraging of me, my life and my career as I am of others. In an effort to keep me more balanced I started a “win jar,” which I’m pretty sure I talked about in another blog post….Basically, any time I have a win, no matter how big or small, I write it on a slip of paper and put it into my jar. It can be something as simple as “Got to audition for Scandal today”….(which really did happen!) or “The director loved my scene today.” I’ve had SO MANY slips to add lately, that it’s amazing….

A few months ago I decided to take the “win jar” idea a little further…and write my future self a note of encouragement and I just received it in my inbox. My boyfriend says it was a bit crazy (I just read it to him…..he still doesn’t know I wrote him one too lol ) but it made my day. It felt like getting a letter from a dear old friend.

The last six months have truly been a time of discovery for me. I’ve learned so much about myself. Most importantly that I need to be nice to myself (and stop giving so much energy to people who don’t reciprocate…that’s another blog though). That’s a lesson I hope I can share with whoever is reading this and not being as kind as you are to yourself as you are to other people. You deserve to be excited about your life, your accomplishments and learn from, but not live in, your “failures.” You are beautiful. You are talented. You are enough.

Without further ado, here’s my letter to “Future”…now present….Sequoia. Hope you enjoy (and steal the idea!)

Hi Future Sequoia!
This is March 5, 2013 Sequoia. I know how hard you work to pursue your purpose…and how hard you can be on yourself when it doesn’t seem like it’s coming together quickly enough for you. Not sure what you’re doing today, but wanted to send you a quick reminder about this past weekend.
You started principal photography on a short film called Obesite:The Musical, your first movie of the year. You booked it because you reached out to Pam Staton who came to your play Coney Island Christmas…you know, one of the CDs you sent postcards to…I guess marketing really does work :). Well, you were also fabulous in your audition…..
Anywhoo, you had the time of your life this past weekend. You got to mess up dance moves with your new friends (you guys were pretty bad lol) and played a fun game of….well, you didn’t really call it anything. You just kinda twirled your top hats on your canes and snatched them away from each other. It was pretty fun.
You, Javier, Maddie, Peter and Caitlyn decided that you were going to start a web series. How’s that going? I’m sure it’s amazing. Are you working on anything new? Did you finish either Last Night or the other short you wrote about the porn star teacher? You named it Necessity, but I have a feeling it might change. 
Anywhoo, just sending a quick note to say hello and to STAY ENCOURAGED. You are so very talented. You’re passionate, dedicated and most important loving and supportive. It’s only a matter of time before your dreams turn to reality. I’m proud of the person you are today, but I imagine this is only the icing on the cake for who you’ll be a few months from now. 
Love you lots!!!

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