Love Trials: The Blockbuster Chronicles

Sequoia Houston

I was surfing the interwebs today when I ran across a meme that Ludacris shared about Blockbuster (below).




I was quickly swept away by my fond memories of weekend nights spent there, finding the perfect movie. Family nights…date nights…GNOs. The last-minute decisions to indulge in a little popcorn and the “movie” candy that was staring you down while you waited in the check-out lane. Blockbuster truly was lit.


My last visit to Blockbuster was a few years ago when they were closing their doors. My guy and I went and snatched up all of our favorite movies. Full seasons of The Wire for a few dollars…..Episodes missing from our growing Entourage collection that we hadn’t seen. I feel like we must have hit every store in the city….and even when we weren’t together we’d both call each other when we happened upon another closing store – to share our good bounty and ask if the other wanted us to pick up something for them. Good times indeed.


Then, I stumbled upon another memory.


One night…it was probably a Friday….my ex and I went to the Blockbuster’s on Scott (?) near Univ. of Houston. We get out of the car, ready to find the perfect date night film, when a homeless man approached us and asked us for some spare change. After expressing that we didn’t have any, he said something to the tune of “You and your wife have a good evening.” I don’t know what it was about that comment that set my ex off, but he was quite annoyed and retorted “She is not my wife,” in a tone that was lowkey (highkey?) offensive.


Now I’m a young spry chickadee, stupid in love with someone who CLEARLY (in hindsight) didn’t feel the same way about me. I asked him about his response and he said, very simply, “well, you’re not.” We weren’t married so it made perfect sense…*rolls eyes at my younger self*


My mind then traveled to another time when I was acknowledged as someone’s wife who had not yet had the pleasure and privilege of putting a ring on my finger – my current guy.  This time, the response was a little (read: COMPLETELY) different. He wasn’t in the least bit annoyed at the “accusation.” In fact, he didn’t even correct the person. He almost seemed proud of the fact that we would one day get the wear the titles of “husband and wife.”


I’m not a guy, so I won’t pretend to know how they feel, but I do know that sometimes we as women can be so excited about having someone in our lives that we ignore the tell-tale signs that for them, we’re just “Ms. Right Now,” not “Mrs. Right.” As a dear friend once told me “you should never wonder how your man feels about you.” I’d say having someone getting angry at a stranger for calling you their spouse while getting a movie for you guys to watch during date nite provides a little dissonance that can make your standing in their life pretty questionable.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mr. Blockbuster eventually wound up dumping me because he wanted to get married….just not to me. He is now married…not to me…and that’s completely fine. I am currently enjoying life with my guy as we pursue our dreams with reckless abandon and build a life that works for us.


So, if you’re in a relationship and wondering if this could be “the one” or “the one for right now”….remember:

1.) You should never have to wonder how bae feels about you. If you don’t know where you’re headed…chances are, nowhere.

2.) If bae gets upset because someone accidentally calls you their husband/wife, chances are they’re not interested in you having that title.

3.) As trite as it sounds, when it’s right….you’ll know. You’ll truly be able to see why every other relationship failed.

I’m no love guru, nor do I want to be….I’m just a girl who’s kissed a few frogs.

Do you have any tips on knowing this is “the one?” Share them in the comments below!

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