Congrats to Michael Matteo Rossi for his edgy drama feature, “Misogynist” being greenlit!

Last month I had the honor of having my film “What Things May Come” screen at the Valjean Film Festival. We didn’t win the festival, but we did meet a ton of really great people, including the winner of the festival, writer/director Michael Matteo Rossi. He had two films in the festival and both were equally thrilling and exciting. I’ve come to learn that he’s ready to go into production on his next project! I’d just like to say congrats to Michael for his edgy drama feature, “Misogynist” being greenlit! Michael, who wrote the script and is aimed to direct, teams up with producer/actor Kris Black of Four Legged Pictures to shoot the film in June. Jonathan Bennett of “Mean Girls” has attached himself to the project playing one of the lead roles. Kudos and can’t wait to check it out :).

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