Day 4: Your sibling (or closest relative)

November 6, 2010 (actually the 9th…i got behind )

I’m the only child, so I’ll have to pick my closest relative…This one is a toss up between my cousin Angie and my cousin Harold….Since Harold and I talk regularly, I’ll write Angie.

Dear Angie,
It was great talking to you the other day. I really hate that we don’t get to talk as much as we used to, but I’m glad we at least had an opportunity to catch up. I can only imagine how you feel with the passing of Aunt Ora Mae. I know how very close you were….I know that nothing I can say will bring her back or even soften the blow; I know that nothing can replace her….I hope that you are able to find peace in knowing that she’s not suffering anymore and is in a better place and that her love for you will continue throughout the ages. I pray that you are I are able to take this time and use it as a reminder to not lose touch again. Time is so short and so precious.
When thinking about what I might write in my letter to you I was instantly brought back to our childhood. You were a little beast! You were so mean to me….and my parakeet lol. Looking back I guess that’s one of the perks of being a big cousin. It just felt a little like getting hazed at the time lol. It’s amazing how a relationship so bad could turn into something so great.
I still remember when you were head over hells for New Kids on the Block! Thinking of that now is hilarious. Your music selections were all bad though. You were also the one who introduced me to Tupac…..a love affair that has stood the test of time. Remember when we used to write songs together? We should write something new one day. I still remember us sitting up listening to music all night when Papa passed…
Remember when you and my mom played that practical joke on me?!? She had you call me and talk about how I was messing with your man…..I could have gone smooth off that day….Better the me then than the me now. My patience isn’t as long these days lol. My mom was always playing all kinds of random practical jokes on me….Fun household to grow up in…..I still wish you would have taken her up on her offer for you to come stay with us…I can understand your decision though.
I used to love coming to visit you for the summers….You know what kind of hell I had to pay for getting away from Brooklyn Ave, but it was well worth it lol. I’ve met some of the most interesting people through you and Tameka lol. I guess I can say now that ya’ll have some of the strangest friendships/relationships I have ever seen….To each his own though I guess….One thing I can say is that although we haven’t done as great of a job as possible of staying in touch you’re still one of my best friends.
I want you to know that I am so very proud of you. You have matured so much over the years and the choices you’re making now are really some good ones, from what I can tell. I can’t wait until you come visit me! If ever you feel the need to talk or chat or listen or whatever, you know that I’m just a phone call away.
Love always,

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