Day 5: Your dreams

November 7, 2010 (actually the 9th…i got behind )

Dear Dreams,
We spend so much time together, however it’s interesting that I’m actually getting the opportunity to speak to you. First, I apologize if you feel I’ve given up on you. I promise you I haven’t…and I pray that you haven’t given up on me. I know some people say that you’re only entitled to one true love, however I can honestly say that I love each of you, differently, but just as much as the other.
I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to accomplish all of you, but I do know that I’ll die trying. I am very thankful and blessed to have accomplish those of you that I have to date. Dreams, [aside from God] you are the reason I wake up each morning. You are my motivation; my muse. You make taking each breath and each step just a little bit easier.
I often get frustrated because I’m living in my plan B and not pursuing you with the fervor that I would like to, because I have nasty little habits like eating every day and having a roof over my head….clean clothes on my back and some of life’s other privileges. I’m sure you can understand.
My mom told me recently that she’s really proud of me for making my “day job” just a day job and pursuing you in my free time.  Brittany made a similar reference. It’s good to know that those close to me can see me running towards you in full pursuit. Dreams, I promise not to compare you to those of other people. You are mine and mine alone. I look forward to growing with you and spending the rest of our lives together.
Love always,
Beautiful dreamer

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