I Want to be an Astronaut

I want to be an astronaut…and a mathematician…and a psychiatrist and medical doctor. I want to be an undercover agent for a super-secret government agency. I want to be the CEO of an amazingly prosperous company and the envy of all my Fortune 500 buddies. I want to be someone’s daughter, sister, mother and lover. I want to be a poet and an architect. I want to be a cat and a crackhead and the mother of a child who has been taken away from me and given to a white family. I want to be a jazz singer who performs nightly in a piano bar. I want to be the lead singer of a groundbreakingly popular sixties female group and a blind man who plays the piano and hugs himself. I want to be a Latina singer killed by her jealous, greedy manager. I want to be the president of the United States of America….or some other country. Maybe Canada. I want to be a college professor. A comedian. A mermaid. I want to be a larger than life black girl who has two babies by her daddy and is constantly abused by her mother. I want to be a woman who knows what it’s like to want to sing and have the song knocked “outcha.” I want to be the man who adopts an African child and realizes that the letters he writes are more for him that little Ndugu. I want to be the white woman who adopts a black teenager and realizes that he’s changing her life just as much as she’s changing his. I want to be a bionic woman. I want to have a beautiful mind and be an American beauty. I want to be an actor.

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