Listen Like Me

Listen like me
By S. Houston, 11-2-10
I’ve seen the stares of a million pairs of eyes,
trying hard to realize why they call our president “nigger.”
I’ve seen the tears and heard the cries of children struggling to get by
As Wall Street’s pockets are getting bigger.
I’ve seen the sicknesses, deaths and the need for help
As politicians play games with our HEALTHcare.
I’ve seen parties grow, with racist undertones
and zombies who claim they just want their country unblack; oops, I mean back
and are making us aware.
I’ve seen people who claim to love this great land,
But refuse to stand by the man who’s trying to move us forward.
I’ve seen the warning signs of social genocide; heard the silent cries of those getting left behind
and the ardent laughter and senseless lies of those who support it.
I’ve seen the love of mankind fall by the wayside for the love of capitalism and pride; and don’t forget the president. I’m not talking Obama; I mean the kind with the green and grey tint.
So as you joke and scoff at hope, put this in your pipe and smoke it;
if we stand aside and let them win this time, our only hope will be to die quick.

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