Sur-Ryl Entertainment Writer’s Lab

Sequoia Houston

Hey fellow writers! Let’s try something new…

The Rules:

I’ll give you the premise. Each of us will write a short film/play (poems, songs and other pieces are fine as well) not to exceed 15 minutes. On Sunday July 31st at 4pm (if this time works for the majority) we’ll meet in the community room at the Half Price Books on Northwest Hwy and screen each other’s script. It must be in standard format. If you don’t have the software, you can download free scriptwriting software from Simple enough?

The Premise:

A good friend of yours (or the main character, if you don’t want to be in it) is terminally ill. They have decided to commit suicide and would like you to be there with them when they transition. What do you do?

If you’re in, confirm here:

Special consideration: This should be a fun exercise to help build our skill and allow us an opportunity to fellowship with each other while doing what we love. Negative attitudes and issues that are not consistent with the propagation of success should be left at home. Also, everyone who decides to participate gives the expressed consent to not try to capitalize off of someone else’s ideas. This should be a safe place; not a place where we have to worry about our work being stolen.

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