The Power of Relationships (and God!)

Sequoia Houston

Wednesday started out like any other day. The alarm clock went off and I drug my groggy body out of the bed to get ready for my cushy, safe, “real job” as a marketing specialist. I listened to my favorite morning radio show on my commute and when I got to the office, climbed the stairs to the second floor and walked over to my desk….where I found a not so ordinary memo.

The memo mentioned that because of recent changes in our business, the company could not afford to keep everyone and would be having meetings with people throughout the morning. My heart was racing. With 4 people (including our director), managing multiple business segments, our team was pretty lean. I mean, we’d all survived the last set of layoffs. Well, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I was called into a meeting and told that I could sleep late the next day because I would no longer be an employee there.

I ALWAYS pray that my friends who are going through things have peace that surpasses all understanding…well, someone (probably my mom) obviously prayed the same for me because that’s exactly what I’ve had since leaving what had become my family over my last two years in Los Angeles.

The very next day, I found myself on set for a PAID acting gig that I booked back in December (written and produced by a bishop, no less). I’d met the director at a film festival where my directorial debut, What Things May Come, was screened. We kept in touch via Facebook and he invited me to come audition for the project. What a beautiful distraction! I didn’t have to think about my future yesterday….only that I had the opportunity to do what I love….and get paid for it.

This morning I woke up trying to figure life out. I’d decided to hop on a conference call Dallas Travers was having about pilot season. Mid call, a strange number comes up on my phone. I answer and it’s my dear friend Nicole. Nicole has been like a guardian angel since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. I feel more like her little sister than a random person she met on Twitter three years ago. I told her Wednesday that I’d been laid off and she said if she heard of anything she’d let me know.

I got to cash that check FAST because today I’m sitting in the venue for a party that will be hosted tonight by one of the leading industry moguls with one of the leading brands….and I’m in charge of credentials, so I get to meet each and every celebrity who comes through the door; a PAID PA gig. Talk about an upgrade from sitting in front of a computer all day (although I do really dig coming up with marketing strategies)!

I am thankful for the relationships that I’ve had (and will have) a chance to cultivate in Los Angeles. I’m also beyond thankful that God sees fit to protect and provide for me. I don’t know what He’s up to but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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  1. Antoine Chambers on January 24, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I love it Sequoia and really needed to read this. Thanks

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