What a day, what a day

Today was a roller coaster ride. My mom woke me up early and we went out running errands and having a fun “girl’s day out.” We had a blast. We found ourselves at this spa that focuses on cleansing, internal health and wellness. A typical “proud mom,” my mother told the owner how “awesome” I am and began talking about my film, What Things May Come as though she were making an argument to the academy for it to receive an Oscar. Impressed, the lady asked me to come on her talk show tomorrow. High on life, we left and went to get some BBQ…I mean, if you’re getting a detox the next day you might as well get it in, right? Lol I was talking to the owner about natural haircare products when I get a phone call from my property mgmt company. They called me at nearly 1pm to tell me that while the cleaning company was at my house the day before, they had the doors open and my cat got out of the house. I was (and still am) devastated. Aside by a quick trip to the vet, Athena had never been out of the house in her entire life. Now, she’s out in the world alone trying to fend for herself….plus, she’s declawed. To make matters worse, I’m in DC visiting my mom so there’s absolutely nothing I can do. I can’t even put into words how absolutely and amazingly horrible I feel. As soon as I get back from DC I’m moving to LA….what happens if she comes home and I’m all the way across the country? 🙁 The ONLY consolation I have is that I have an amazing boyfriend. Not only has he made a point to regularly check on me to see how I’m doing, he went out of his way to go to my house and look for her. I didnt even have to ask him to do that. He did it on his own. He even went to the shelter for me to see if someone brought her in. Anyone can tell you they care about you….what makes all the difference is how they show you. I was planning to take Athena with me to LA and leave Prince (my yorkie) with friends here in the DC area. I guess the universe had other plans. I immediately went to get my dog. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing them both. My prayer is that my baby is out there safe and sound…that, worst case scenario, someone found her, loved her and wanted to keep her and give her a fantastic home. Haunting thoughts have entered my head all day, but I’ll continue to work on keeping it positive. I love you Athena! Stay safe my little princess.

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